Located in Chilliwack, Cedarbrook is this city’s newest master-planned community. Featuring an array of designer homes that combine beauty and functionality, Cedarbrook offers a home for every family. Single Family Lane Homes feature carriage homes with separate suites and optional suited basements. Row Homes are fourplexes with a shared sidewalk to enhance connectivity with your neighbors. Trail Homes are strategically located along the project’s borders and offer easy access to the wilderness of the great outdoors.

But Cedarbrook’s powerful appeal doesn’t come only from its homes. Beyond offering a geographic location for your home, Cedarbrook opens endless possibilities of connectivity, of togetherness –of community. Thoughtfully designed paths connect every house on each street and streets to each other. Meet and greet your neighbors every day, watching them become important allies in your life; a kind of elected kinship formed through familiarity and connection.

Families and children were also placed in the center of Cedarbrook’s design. A 10-acre park featuring an amphitheater, a splash park, a playground with a hillside-long slide (how cool is this?!), designated picnic areas, and plenty of open, green spaces will be the perfect amenity for every family (and family member) to enjoy. Blue skies and beautiful days to treasure family time have just been made so much more accessible.
Worried about your four-pawed friends? We have you covered too. Close to Cedarbrook Park, you can find the project’s own dog park. Complete with its own fence, you can take your dog on a walk along the trails and end up in the park meeting fellow dog owners. Or, just pop by and meet your neighbors’ dogs; that’s still a pretty good idea.

All these wonderful amenities are found within the community’s borders, which is surrounded by nature. Featuring four kilometers of walking trails, Cedarbrook is the perfect choice if you’re looking to create a long, deep-felt connection with your community as well as to reconnect with nature without having to sacrifice the convenience of city life.